19th - 21st September 2014
Faversham, Kent
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Welcome to the Official Website of the Faversham Film Festival
Our second edition will take place in Faversham, Kent from the 19th to 21st September 2014

The Second Annual Faversham Film Festival, 3F2 to its friends, will show the widest possible range of cinema, unrestricted by genre.  We have two guiding principles:
1:  Our genre is quality.  We choose the best examples we can find.
2:  We widen film choice.  We select films that would otherwise be very difficult for the public to see on the big screen.

That’s it.  Quality and width.  We don’t worry about the country of origin or the language, we don’t mind if it was shot on an F55 or a smartphone, we don’t look for household names or complete unknowns.  We choose films that are good and we put together the widest range of genre, origin, subject matter and tone possible.

If that sounds like your kind of festival, then come along and see what’s on offer.

Of course the width that we present also means that almost everyone is going to be able to find one or two films that are of interest to them, so we sell tickets to single screenings too.

Along with the films, we have included social and industry events in the festival.  Come along and talk to the people who made the films, talk to people about films, talk about making your own films.  Essentially all possible sentences that end in the word ‘films’ can be indulged at these events.

We are The Lacuna Works, a creative partnership in Kent, UK.  We are interested in all parts of the creative process, but we started out in film.  We’re in the tremendously fortunate position that we can visit the film festivals of the world, pick out anything that sounds interesting and watch it.  We want to offer a taste of that opportunity to everyone and that’s why we started the Faversham Film Festival.

Faversham is a superb place to hold a film festival.  In the heart of East Kent, it’s an ancient market-town with magnificent old buildings.  Right in the centre, surrounded by restaurants, cafés, pubs and shops, is the Royal Cinema; one of the oldest in the country.  The Royal has been upgraded to digital projection and sound producing an astonishing quality of experience, just ask the people who saw Metro last year.